Matsuesoft Attendance Management [Simple Version]

Simple entry and exit management is available free of charge.

If custom is necessary, we will respond to consultation for a fee.


  • For Employee
    • Embossing (Entering / Leaving) by Employee's Felica (Suica etc.. Mainly for Japan)
      • Only Windows Application
    • Embossing by Manually Selecting the User with Touch Panel (It assumes to put it in the entrance of room)
      • Windows Application
      • Android Application
    • Embossing by Android Application for each user
    • Embossing on the Web (Mobile Supported)
    • Memo function for each day (You can use it to submit simple report or communication)
  • For Manager
    • Create/Update Management Group
    • Browsing Stamp Information
      • First Entry Time of Day
      • Last Leaving Time of Day
      • In case of Entering/Leaving more than once, each Entry/Exit Time
    • Check Employee's memo for each day (You can use it to check simple report or communication)
    • Memo function for administrator for each day (Employee can't see it. It can be used for communication between administrators)


  • If you use only web function, you can use it immediately from a web accessible terminal.
  • Need the following for those who want to use the embossing function with the touch panel. Please prepare by yourself. Need to connect Internet. This assumes to put near the door, not installing user's computer. Only Web is supported to access from user's computer.
    • Windows 10 PC with touch panel (Basically, Note PC)
    • Android
  • If you want to emboss with Felica (Suica etc), please prepare Sony's Felica reader such as Sony RC-S370 or RC-S370. Then connect to Windows 10 and install the driver


It is free if you manage embossing and entering / leaving time only.

Basic Plan Premium Plan
Initial Fee Free Free
Fee Free Monthly 2USD/Person
Custom is 1,000USD or more
Function Basic Function (No Custom) Basic Function + Custom if required
Data retention period 1 Year 3 Year
Support by Email by Email

If you need to calculate various data based on embossing information, please contact us as it can be customized for a fee.

■How to install

  • Web Application
    • You can use after login
  • Application for each user
  • Application to put it in the entrance of room
    • Android Application
    • Windows Application

■How to create HR Group

Please access this page after login to create HR Group.

■User's Page and Management Page

Link will be displayed below after login into this page.

■Service Level Agreement (SLA)

SLA is 99.95% Please refer here fore more details.

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